ISPO // Favorite Booths

Of course, my love for the outdoors never ceases! An amazing experience exploring all of the ski and cold weather gear booths!

ISPO // Master Class

ISPO was that a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to participate in design challenges with different subjects. My team and I were tasked with the challenge of designing for: Esports, the inactive progression. Within two days, our team of 5 came up with three kits; consisting of a Pre, During and Post activity. All of which are to motivate and support the esports athlete through their gaming endeavor.

For kit 1, we designed a compression suit that would prepare the athlete for their inactive during practice/competition.

For kit 2, we designed a pair of gloves that supported the hands by placing pads on the forearms. The gloves also had cut fingers to allow for optimal mobility and breathability. We decided to incorporate a cooling helmet that had goggles, to protect from the blue light in a screen; incorporated headphones and a microphone for communication between team members; also cools the head for when adrenaline tricks your body into thinking your hotter than you actually are.

For kit 3, we designed electrically stimulation to be inserted into the compression suit for reactivation of the muscles after being still for competition.

Overall, the project went well! We were excited to present to our class and continue on expoloring at ISPO. See next post for my favorite booths!